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I would NOT use sign language! It will give her & her parents an excuse to not make her speak! She needs to learn how to talk. That is ridoulous to use sign language. Make her use words for what she wants or she cant get what she wants until she can say the word. Also, 2 yr olds are old enough to learn how to pick up toys. They need to learn at a young age to do little things like simply picking up some toys. Also, napping is individuale to the child. Maybe she needs more sleep,but would not give her a pacifer.
You think sign language is ridoulous???? You are wrong!! Sign language is used everday probably by every provider. When we sing "when your happy and you know it" we use our fingers to our face and make a smile. When we sing "The wheels on the bus" we use our hands to this song. hummmm

And you can not MAKE her use words for what she wants. That would be cruel not to give her what she wants till she says the word.
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