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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
Teach her to speak!!!!!!!!!!! If she was deaf, would be different, sounds like she just always knows she will get what she wants by not speaking.Come on people, don't coddle these kids, teach them, isn't that what we are supposed to be doing! A 2 yr OLD SHOULD BE SAYING WORDS LIKE MOMMY, DADDY, WATER,UP, DOWN ETC. I teach my kids at 2 and so does the parents to say please, thank you even.Singing is good and using fingers for that sort of thing is excellent, but she should be talking more, is all I am saying. I have a nephew who is 2 and the parents let him point to everything he wants instead of saying the words, they think it is cute, well he needs to say the words for what he wants.
I am also saying if there is a development problem with this child, the parents should be addressing it instead of ignoring it. But also not doing anything about it is not being a responsible parent, they need to find out why she isn't talking and do something about it.
But to me sign language for her is not the fix for the problem. Sorry.
Oi, I'm done with you. You're a troll and you are just stirring up trouble. Make an account and we can continue to discuss this. I'd be glad to continue to discuss it, in fact, so please do make an account.
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