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Originally Posted by MG&Lsmom View Post
As for the sleep, why do they think she needs more? Is she lethargic and sleepy while awake? Super cranky and tantruming? That seems like a lot of sleep for a 2yo.
No to all those! She is not lethargic, not cranky, no tantrums nothing lol. Thats why I was looking for advice. I just don't get it!

I am thinking... I love the parents to death and consider the mom a good friend, but I am starting to think it may be the parents not wanting to let go of thier baby. This is the last child as mom made sure of it lol. Maybe she is being cranking and having tantrums at home because they will put up with it and she gets the results she wants. I will not put up with crying for no reason unless they are tired or sick. I swear she is not tired though when she leaves. IDK
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