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I have kids with both of those issues: the soother WAY beyond when the dcg has already been weaned off of it, and a dcb where the parents wanted him to stick with two naps when he was clearly ready to go down to one (and keeping all the other am nappers up because he wasn't tired). Both are AMAZING families who I get along great with. But in both cases, I let the families know how I do things here, and did it. They may do things differently at home, but in all honesty, the kids are here with me more waking hours than at home -- they're going to adjust more quickly to the expectations I have for them, regardless of what's going on at home.

IMO, you should just let the parents know what will work for your setting and go ahead and follow through. I would also mention (like others have said) that dcg's sleep schedule is very different from what you're familiar with, and that another visit to the doctor might be in order.
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