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Again unregistered....YOU CAN'T make a child speak!! And who says WE PEOPLE coddle these kids??? Not every 2 year old can speak! My son now 33 did not say a word till he was 2.5 and he did not get any teeth till he was 16 months and yes he had NO teeth, not even one!

My son is normal and has all his teeth. There was nothing wrong with him and he spoke we he wanted to. I would of NEVER forced him or with held things from him because he would not speak.

Some and I mean SOME children are just slower, SO WHAT?? God did not make buttons to push on each child to make them walk, talk, crawl or even a button for their teeth.

Again you hit a nerve with mw saying you would not give the child what he/she wanted unless they spoke, that is PLAIN MEAN!
If you read above, I said I was sorry, didn't mean to start anything or stir up anything. Was just expressing my opinion. Have done daycare for over 28 yrs and have seen and dealt with many issues regarding children and parents.I'm no expert by any means,just have a hard time understanding some people thinking on parenting and teaching children these days.It seems to me today that it is the daycares that are raising the children of today instead of the parents,
So again, I apolige for upsetting anyone,not what I meant to do.
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