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Originally Posted by 3kidzmama View Post
I am new to the forum so I hope it's ok to chime in... I am currently an early childhood special education teacher (planning to open a daycare in June). From what I've read here, I think this little girl may need to be evaluated for special needs. The staring nonverbal behavior could be autism, but it is also a sign of mental retardation in some children. It definitely wouldn't hurt to have her evaluated.
That said, I would also like to say that special educators are taught that teaching sign language to a child that is nonverbal (regardless of the reason, capability or not) will encourage the use of speech while giving that child a way to communicate. The key is to speak while signing. This will help rather than hinder.
of course it's alright for you to chime in. It is also great to see a special ed. teacher on the forum. I really am looking forward to your posts. Not only for the insight you can give, but also because In the fall I will be going to school for Comm. Disorders (education) and hope someday to get a job in a school.
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