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Default Inventory

Originally Posted by melilley View Post
Last year was my first year in business and I'm going through my house and doing an inventory on everything that I owned before I opened that I am using in my dc.

Where do I enter these items in MMK? Do I just put them in each category like I would enter everything else for 2013? Most items are under $100 so I've been entering them to claim in the first year (start up rule/expense ) and the items over $100, I've been depreciating. That's what I've been doing, but I just want to make sure I'm doing it right.

And also, would a blender, toaster oven, things along those lines be considered an appliance?
Thank you!
There isn't a good place to record this in Minute Menu Kids Pro. Any items you owned before you went into business that was purchased without the daycare business in mind, must be depreciated, regardless of how little it cost. The start up rule only applies to items you purchased before your business began specifically for your business. I'd make a separate list outside of Minute Menu.
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