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Originally Posted by twinmama View Post
So I have 6 girls in care and 1 lonely boy. I just got the girls a HUGE lot of barbies and clothing this weekend off craigslist and my poor boy is playing a lot by himself today.

I have one small train track wth about 7 cars that he really enjoys but other than that he's usually talked into playing house with the girls (every game of house needs a Daddy).

I only have girls myself so don't know what kind of toys he may really enjoy but I'd love to get him a few things off craigslist so he can feel special too.

For those with toddler age boys (3-5) what are their favorite toys to play with?

Thanks so much!!
I don't have "boy" "girl" toys. My kids play equally regardless of who the toy is geared to.

He wouldn't happen to have Thomas The Tank Engine stuff at home would he? I've had a couple of boys who were addicted to Thomas and could not independently play with anything else. That's happened three/four times in the last ten years.
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