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To promote your center, I'd make a big deal about "the new face of XYZ Daycare", how it's under new management and ownership. I'd make sure a slogan to that affect is on every form of advertisement (newspaper ads, radio ads, flyers, business cards, banners, etc). Something like "It's a Brand New Day at XYZ Daycare". Flyers and brochures could also continue that theme with details about "Brand New Curriculum", "Brand New Equipment", "Brand New Playground", etc.

I would also have an open house on a weeknight or Saturday afternoon -- make it a big, exciting, carnival type atmosphere, and give guided tours through your facility, making sure the tour guides point out all of your upgrades, new equipment, curriculum, etc. I wouldn't let the tour guides demean the previous daycare by any means, but I would have them point out what the building was like before, and how you've changed it, especially where it pertains to safety and regulations.

Depending on how much you have in your advertising budget, you could donate to (or organize a fundraiser for) a local children's charity or hospital. Send out press releases and have the media come for a photo op of when you hand over the cheque to the charity. In all of your communication with the media, make sure to reiterate that this is a brand new start for this facility, with new management, ownership, and staff.

That's what I'd do :-) Now, as for your sprinkler question, I have no clue. But good luck! I hope it goes well for you!
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