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I have cloth books, plastic books, and thick board books out for the kids. The younger kids get just the cloth and plastic. The older kids get the thick board books.

I don't keep regular books out. I've had too many problems with trying that in the past. The kids do really well with the big quilted thick cloth books and the plastic ones.

I scored big time on Ebay once and bought a big lot of cloth books. I was shocked when I got them because they were so awesome. I hadn't ever seen books that big and nicely made. The pictures made them appear normal sized.

The kids LOVE them and don't abuse them.

I bought them from a seller who had cloth puppets too and it was the same thing. I had never seen puppets like that before and boy was I thrilled when I realized the quality.

Those were the good ole days on Ebay... I miss that.
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