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Default Need a plan B

I am frustrated in general, moody, tired, easily drawn to tears...pregnant first tri. I usually take medication for a long-standing depression with which I do great with. I am trying to stay off of it for the baby's sake and it's very, very hard to do. I do find that I am a little less patient that normal (my patience is usually super good) now I have to really catch myself.

I even get more agitated. Has anyone had an experience like this while being pregnant and doing daycare full-course, full-house? I don't want to stop working, my husband would flip if I did (and seriously panic lol)... (although, the thought has crossed my mind). I honestly don't think we could pay half of our bills if I quit that's all. I didn't plan this pregnancy, but am so blessed to have another baby!!! I didn't plan to work through it or after it due to my meds and not wanting to expose the baby to them. We are three years early for that plan.

So, I need a plan B.
Anyone, have some plan B ideas?
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