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Originally Posted by Blackcat31 View Post
She said she can't term because she isn't the boss.

Op~ DO you have a way for mom or your boss or both to possibly observe this child while not being seen by him? Would the mom perhaps give permission for him to be video taped so you can show both her and your boss the level of seriousness you are trying to convey to them?

Maybe you could also have other parents who have witnessed his behavior speak to the director. If i were a parent seeing this when picking up my child, I would be terrified to leave my child there...kwim?

I would also check and see if you could maybe have a behavioral specialist come in and observe so you can get a professional opinion.

FWIW~ I know EXACTLY how you feel about not wanting to come to work because of one child who can show the people he chooses that he is capable of behaving just to be the opposite when he thinks no one is watching. (((hugs))) simply for having ot go through this.
Does your facility have camera's installed in the classrooms? I know most facilities have them in the lobbies or outside...a lot of them also have them in the classroom.

I would request that the director observe from behind the door or somewhere no one is noticing her or have a specialist come in. If the director is not taking things seriously I wouldn't work there. Plain and simple. There are only 2 of you and how many kiddo's? That isn't enough people supervising and helping you with this one child. What about the assistant...has she also made complaints? I recommend after hrs making a apt for a meeting with your director and have your notes available to discuss. If the director doesn't at least make attempt to check it out on her own then I wouldn't stay and I would inform them of that. Time to start looking into other daycares to work for. And when your interviewing as them how they deal with situations like the one your in so you know a head of time that you'll have much needed support. Good luck to you and please update us!!
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