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IME it all depends on the kid! My own kids have never really had an issue with eating anything, other kids, definately can't handle foods like that. My daughter is 3, and I give her BIG green grapes, but I do still sometimes cut them up into very small pcs as well, it all depends! Other foods that are of concern are carrots (uncooked), apple pcs and other harder fruits/veggies like that. The other day DCM dropped off her 12 month old with a whole carrot and just watched him as he walked around with it in and out of his mouth...seriously!? She left and I took it and tossed it, that was it.

If you are worried, take them away and simply tell the parents that bringing food to daycare means that everyone wants some and it's just not possible - sooo, please don't bring foods into my daycare!
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