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I know how you feel! I worked my butt off and spent a lot of time and money to get licensed and get my home childcare open. There are tons of unlicensed home day cares in my area and here, it's illegal to care for any unrelated children in your home for more than 4 weeks a year without being licensed. I don't think that there are enough resources for these people to be investigated and shut down.
On another note, I also think that some people honestly don't know that is illegal to care for children without a license. I wish there were some system or way to educate people on what is needed to legally care for children. One provider in my area actually put something on CL telling parents that in our state that a license in needed for providers to care for children in their homes and to make sure that the people they find for childcare are licensed and also told providers to make sure they put Licensed in their title. I don't think it worked though, there are still a ton of unlicensed providers advertising.
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