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I'm the ONLY unlicensed state approved provider within 100 miles.

I'm also the ONLY home provider that's state approved in my county.

Licensing offers ME nothing, other than a few extra bucks from state pay reimbursement, but that few bucks is paid for anyway by the parent.

I've never had a parent even ASK me if I'm licensed.

My current state pay family went to several other people on the list of state approved and said she wouldn't leave her dog there, much less her three kids.

I am the unregistered one above you, cradle 2 crayons
I actually have never been asked from a parent if I am licensed or not either. I guess when they come for the interview they feel comfortable enough to consider me.they maybe will tell me that they have a few other interviews to go to, but then they do call me back and tell me they want me to take their child,whether they have gone to licensed ones to check out or not. I did have a parent tell me that they had checked out a licensed daycare and would not even consider putting their child in that daycare home as it was very dirty, had too many kids and the house smelled.

Being licensed really does not offer me anything also. I do not like the food program they have, I think that it is not that nutritious and I like to fix many different things for the kids to eat.
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