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Originally Posted by Happy Hearts View Post
I just posted this on the town's babysitting facebook site. I'm so frustrated with these people too. I hestitated pressing the "enter" key as this is a small town and alot of people know me. But, enough is enough already. Welcome to my backbone and I may soon claim a "sh*t disturbing" stick too! I also wanted to add that I would report them myself if I know they are doing this (I have already reported 2 of them) but thought that would be a bit much.

To all of the daycare providers who are unlicensed and caring for more than two children who are not related to you:

If you are not aware, you are only legally allowed to care for only two children who are not related. If you care for more than that, then you are running an illegal daycare and you may be fined. The fine is very steep, $10,000 PER DAY that you are out of quota.

I have recently become licensed and have just become aware of this law myself. I just want to give you a heads up so you don't run into trouble with this. See page 57 for more information:

Exactly this, yes yes ahhhhh you go girl!
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