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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
I am an unlicensed provider and I have completed CPR, first aid training and have read tons and tona of information on sids, child abuse and other day care related things. I charge less because I can. I only need a small amount of money to be able to stay at home and work from home. I live in an expensive upscale neighborhood and there are providers charging almost double what I charge and I was one if the parents who couldn't afford t pay 250 or 300 a week per chold so when I started doing daycare I wanted to help parents out. I have a beautiful home with awesome space for daycare and I spend several hours a week researching and preparing so that I can offer superior care and what some of you are saying is I should be shut down. I hear sports all the time about licensed daycare a and the terrible things that happen and my soon was in a licensed daycare center that I was paying 250 a week for and he hated it. Staff was rude, under qualified and made it obvious they were only there for the check . This us my dream and having it taken away because I am not licensed sounds silly.
I'm curious... if you've got CPR, first aid, SIDS, etc, why not become licensed? Is it expensive or a PITB in your state?
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