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Originally Posted by Play Care View Post
I would probably look to replace. The fact is you have no control over what she's feeding him (or allowing him to get in to ) but you have to deal with the fall out.
She clearly is clueless and I imagine it will only get worse. I see this conversation in your future "I know he's only 18 months, but he refused to leave the house unless I gave him a can of Mountain Dew to drink! Isn't he so funny/clever/smart? Just in case he seems a little wild today!"
Lol! That is what I was thinking too! My only issue with terming is that I realy care about this little dude. I have had him since 6 weeks and when his mom asked if I could do the new schedule, I was super wary and told her I would have to think on it. I decided to do it and we came to a payment agreement, so I get paid well and they always pay on time. I just feel bad for him, because they are feeding him crap. Then when she comes in the morning, she says he was fussy all night and didn't sleep well and she thinks it is a growth spurt or the infamous teething. I am like, NO, it is the bottle of ranch dressing he just drank and the oreos he had for dessert! I feel like the fact that he is at my house so long is actually better for him food wise, since it is the only place he gets healthy food, minus breast milk at home. I guess I will just continue to do what I feel is right for him and hope they take my subtle hints about a healthy diet and sleep habits.
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