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This the OP and I think one of the issues is that dad watches him on the weekend if mom works, and he is so lazy and puts im in his high chair and just loads him up with crap. I will keep mentioning how his tummy seems to hurt, and make some mention of healthy eating, but I have a feeling it will fall on deaf ears. Mom is kind of a know it all, so I will tread lightly, but we have a good relationship, so I may be able to slip it in during conversations with her.

She dropped this morning and told me dcb went to bed at 7 last night and woke up at 1 am and after trying to get him back to sleep for an hour, she gave up and went and laid down in the living room while he played! At 2 in the morning! She said she woke up at 3 and found a bunch of toys int he toilet. (dcb has been walking for a month or so). I laughed it off, but in my head, I was shocked that she would A) let baby get up at 2 am and play and B)fall asleep and leave him to wander the house unsupervised. He needs to be in a crib in his own room! He can play, cry, or do jumping jacks int here for all I care, but the baby monitor would be off and I would have my ear plugs on. At least he would be safe and when he is ready to sleep, he will pass out and sleep. Mom is working long shifts off very little sleep...this won't last long if she doesn't put her foot down. She also said he is comfort nursing at night so much that her nipples are bleeding. I asked her if he is doing it for food or comfort and she told me comfort and I was like, give him his paci and give your boobs a rest lady!
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