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I have always been a strong supporter of children choosing where and how long they play. I believe children are masters at their own play and benefit greatly from making their own choices.

I've taught preschool, kindergarten, Head Start, and in - home FCC.

When I taught K and HS I had a system that limited the amount of children in each center but they chose how long to stay. In K centers were all up graded with academic extras.

I currently have these centers in FCC. These are the same centers I've always had but they are tweaked for mixed-age and generally younger kids.

Home living /dramatic play
Art and play doh
Math games-mostly homemade (used only while I prepare lunch now. After snack when I taught preschool, after math lesson when I taught K)
Sensory table
General toys

Art, writing & science are much more basic now in FCC!
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