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Originally Posted by ColorfulSunburst View Post
you can attach permanent hooks on the wall on the level of your decoration table ( by the left side of it). kids will be able to hang up their coats by themselves.
My hallway looks like this now.

Attachment 4941 Attachment 4942

I understand this kind of hallway can bother some daycare providers. But I am OK with this. For me more important that I have no extra reasons to get upset during my long workdays. I have 12 kids here every single day. All of them know where their stuff supposes to be.
My last house i had a set up just like yours. When you came in the back door through the garage there was a laundry room. I had hooks up like yours and cubbies. It was great. There is only about a foot of wallspace to the left of the table. The hook over the door will be fine. The kids won't be able to hang up themselves, but that's not the end of the world. Most of hte parents take the coats off the kids anyway. When we go outside, I'll just hand them the coats and they know how to put them on.
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