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Originally Posted by Blackcat31 View Post
I wouldn't wait for this to "happen" again and just terminate care. If they've been part of your daycare for several years now and are still in denial, there isn't much farther you can go other than waiting for further disaster or tragedy to happen.

I would absolutely terminate a child that was a flight risk like that. No way could I accept that liability.

I would terminate care based on the fact that you are not the right fit for them. They need someone who will turn a blind eye to their child. (not really but you know what I mean) If you've tried to discuss this with them and they aren't on board or even in agreeance then there really is no point.

Eventually this will come to a head and like mom's posts looking for a new pediatrician, she'll do the same to you...
I would straight up tell the parents you are unable to provide what their child needs and that is one on one assistance. If the parents continue to deny this won't be the last time they find themselves in this position.

Yeah, really the parent should be on top of the problem.
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