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Originally Posted by Cat Herder View Post
In the daycare providers art page I follow they are arguing over kids being able to sleep in car seats since they can sleep in the car.

You can't fix purposely stupid.

They are not uneducated.
I have two infants starting in the Fall. I was typing up my preparing your baby for daycare letter (thanks for the guide in sharing your BC) *don’t worry I won’t sell it on etsy*.. anyways I was typing it up on a weekend while proctoring tests at the local university. Something I do on the side with a few friends since we attended college. Anyways my college best friend and the mother of my godmother and her husband also work the tests. The husband is the one who comes in and gives the proctors breaks during the test. He came in while I was working on this letter and when I came back asked if I meant to sound so harsh. I looked him square in the eye and said yes I will not kid around when it comes to safe sleep. “but *goddaughter* can’t sleep without a blanket” “but she doesn’t sleep well if she’s not in our bed (outgrew rock n play but had her in that FT). Funny because I have her as a drop in child and she has been here a lot recently due to her own providers mystery illness and she’s taken really great 2-3 hour naps for me in a pack in play with no blanket every single day we have had her.
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