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Originally Posted by MamaG2903 View Post
I've found that for whatever reason, educators are especially bad at acknowledgment of developmental issues - like that couldn't POSSIBLY happen to their kid.
Not only educators, doctors too.

I had a child with developmental delays that were mostly based on hearing and vision problems. His mom is a child psychologist. She denied everything. It ended up that the kid had huge adenoids which caused problems with hearing and as a result of speech development problems. He also failed his vision test before kindergarten and now wears glasses with very strong lenses.
It was possible to avoid all his delays if mom check his eyes and ears when I asked her to do it. But it took 2 years before she asked her own friend!!!-pediatrician to check on his adenoids. Even after that, she did not consider to believe me and check his eyesight. She waited next half of a year before the physical examination for kindergarten.
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