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Originally Posted by MomBoss View Post
I tell parents that I feed on demand. So they must provide enough to feed their baby until they are full. I do not limit them; a baby will stop eating when they are no longer hungry! My brother learned this the hard way with his son, they followed what a book said and wouldnt give their baby anymore then what the book said. So of course they were waking up a million times a night because of a crabby baby
Once they finally stopped listening to all the “experts” ..they got a full nights sleep.

Here licensing requires us to feed by demand. But I would want to wait 2 hours between feeds.

My infant mom wasn't sending quite enough at one point, but she works close and told me to call if it's not enough.

You CAN'T accept this child with not enough ebm and not allowed to feed anything else.

Pumping moms lose their milk more easily than nursing moms. Pumping doesn't clear out their milk ducts as well.

Supplementing with formula will reduce some of the benefits of bfing, but what are the choices here?

I personally wouldn't agree to just ebm til one year of age. At nine months or whatever, I want to start the child self-feeding. It makes my job easier. But I guess I might agree to keep bottle feeding at my higher infant rate.
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