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Originally Posted by boy_mom View Post
This is true! I was always up front about what I could and couldn't do for parents, and asked them for specifics on what they're looking for in a caregiver. This saved a lot of headaches for both parents and I, I think it's all about being on the same page!

Again, I'm not saying one way is right or wrong, or trying to "shame" a parent for the decisions they make. I'm just saying there has to be an open dialogue in terms of expectations and and what is going to best serve the child during their day.

the reality for many providers is that some parents form this ridged idea of how they are going to parent, but then go off to work for 8 hours a day, leaving the child and provider to deal with the consequences when that plan doesn't really work.
THIS! And I am saying this as a mom who bf and had that infant that needed just a little more. BUT the only dialogue I got from the lactation community was that I needed to better educate my provider, that there was no reason "not enough milk" was the issue. My provider tried everything and in the end what gave everyone peace were the extra 2 ounces added to the bottle he was already getting.

I'm not saying everyone should supplement, but everyone in the situation (provider included) needs to be able to openly discuss all options.
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