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Originally Posted by amberrose3dg View Post
Does anyone on here have any good stories of breastfed babies that aren't fussy or difficult during the day? Every single ebf baby I have had has been extremely difficult. They sleep very little and are much crankier. Mom's d ont see that side because they just nurse when they are fussy.
I have 4 in care. 2 are formula and 2 aren't. The other two are constantly crying when put down for nap. They are hardly content unless being held . They think cribs are evil.
I've had ALL EBF babies for many years... many exclusive until 9 months. Right now my happiest babe is 5 months and has no issues just taking a bottle of breast milk... it's when they are teething that it's an issue because they want the crackers & other stuff the older babes get
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