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Originally Posted by amberrose3dg View Post
Does anyone on here have any good stories of breastfed babies that aren't fussy or difficult during the day? Every single ebf baby I have had has been extremely difficult. They sleep very little and are much crankier. Mom's d ont see that side because they just nurse when they are fussy.
I have 4 in care. 2 are formula and 2 aren't. The other two are constantly crying when put down for nap. They are hardly content unless being held . They think cribs are evil.
I've taken care of both my niece & nephew while they were exclusively breastfed. I've had great experiences with both. However, I feed on demand & don't worry about time or number of ounces. I follow baby's lead. They typically develop their own schedule pretty quickly. Right now the 4 mo eats about every 2 hours when awake & usually right about 3 oz, but she also naps well & if she sleeps for 3 hours she may wake up wanting 4-5 oz instead. If she still seems hungry after 3 oz she gets more. I've never had her "overeat" & get fussy/sick. She does like attention when she's awake, but she naps frequently so I think that's to be expected. And when she's tired I swaddle her, give her paci, & lay her in her bassinet with no problem. She goes right to sleep. The only struggle I've had with bf babies is that it does take them longer to adjust to care. We usually have a really fussy first week & semi fussy second one,but after that we're golden!
Edited to add: she naps 2-3 hours straight both in the morning & again in the afternoon with an occasional cat nap in between so she's a good sleeper too.

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