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I've been thinking about this as well. I'm seriously stalking CL for outside playstuff. There have been some kitchens not worthy of crossing the threshold but fabulous for outside. But the rain water issue is what held me back from purchasing. Do any of you haul it into a shed or garage every day to avoid the water? I've also been looking for a play house and wondered if I could just throw it in there every afternoon.

As for sandboxes, I loathe finding handfuls in pants pockets and diapers after we come in. My worst pet peeve! So I picked up a gross water table for $5 and filled it with sand. It's big enough for 4-5 kids to stand around and play. Been a big hit. I did find a rubbermaid container top big enough to fit over it so I can keep the rain out of it as well.
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