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Diadem 06:17 PM 01-28-2011
Hello all! I'm new to the forum. Here's my long story/question:

I've been working at my daycare in Michigan for 5 years. Never had a complaint from a parent, never been written up, nothing. In a meeting last week, my bosses informed us that they would be installing cameras for parents to view their children via the internet. They told us that they would be sending notifications home this week to all of the parents. This never happened. My question is: is it legal for daycares to have cameras without parental consent when streaming it on the internet? What if a parent objects to their child being broadcasted on the internet? Are they still allowed to do it? I know they should at least notify the parents that it's happening. Also, the assistant manager told us that our bosses don't want certain parents knowing that there are cameras. I feel that it's a bit shady to do that. Is that even legal?

Here are my concerns and I want to know if they're legitimate concerns:

-I work in the preschool room and we're always at least 4 kids over every day. The parents will see this. The ratio for preschoolers is 12:1

-We don't have a bathroom downstairs (the class is in the basement of the house) what happens if a parent logs in and sees that I'm not in the room because I have to get snack or go to the bathroom.

-Since we are over everyday, I can't give the children that special attention that they deserve when we're working on our daily worksheets (writing and math).

My bosses are great people, they're flexible, they're generous, and they try their best to accomodate the staff and the parents. I'm just concerned that they didn't do all the research involving the legalities with brodcasting the kids on the internet, even if it is password secured.