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E Daycare 07:45 PM 01-28-2011
I dont know the legalities but I worked for a child development Center in Louisiana 8 years ago and we had internet cameras then. We the staff as well as all parents had access to the site. Parents and staff had our own user names and passwords. I know it was a new facility and parents were aware during the tours that cameras were in each room. If they didnt like it, then they didnt sign the paperwork. We never kept the cameras a secret and it was hard to anyways. There was always the moms saying "remember so and so, Ill know if you take your socks off, I can see you" and point to a camera when other parents were present. Itll slip out that cameras are around.

As far as being out of ratio. Now thats not legal! Id be worried too if a parent questioned why there were so many kids in a classroom or why a room wasnt staffed if a teacher had to leave. Your company should be working on those issues as well. It shouldnt be up to par just for when state comes in. The cameras arent as much of a issue as you would think it would be. Parents should be notified that there are cameras though and sign consent forms. If they refuse then thats theirs and they can take their kids elsewhere.