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Abigail 08:32 PM 01-28-2011
Your center will get in trouble for being over-ratio. If you're truely concerned and don't want to get introuble and also want to remain confidential, I would straight up call the child care licensing agency and tell them your concern about having too many children present.

Since letters have not gone home to parents and the cameras have not been installed, do you think it is something to get other employees to be doing their job as a scare tactic? It might be. Who knows, maybe the cameras are fake and they don't want you to know that.

I don't think it's required for parents to sign a release form if it's all password protected, but they obviously better all have different names/passwords in order to view it instead of a general one. If they are given those individual accounts, they are well informed that cameras will be in use. I'm sure something should have been added to your handbook about this policy. I don't think your center can "hide" the cameras so if they try it, it will only backfire on your center. One thing that is illegal though is to put pictures and video of a child in foster care online, if you have any, I would immediately call licensing (outside of work so it's confidential) and explain your concern.