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Stacy214 09:46 AM 01-31-2011
I would start looking for a new job....JMO and on the basis that #1 you are over ratio, I couldn't STAND that day after day, do you get paid more because they are making more? You sound like you really want to help these children and it's not fair to you, the children and the parents... and #2 they seem shady based on your remark that they have people on the inside...REALLY? That seems like a threat, I'm sorry to sound harsh but I used to work for a preschool just like this and they are sooooo sweet and syrupy to your face and act like they'll bend over backwards but they are in it for the money (not that that is a horrible thing but children first which they are not doing here) and if they have "people on the inside" then i would absolutely be contacting the state regarding your concerns. It seems like having the cameras is the least of your worries. And it seems like they would be stabbing themselves in the foot so to speak if they did use them.
Coming off my box now, it's just that there are crooked daycare centers and even though they may not be one they have all the right "red flags" .
Good Luck! I'm new too, so glad your here