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Originally Posted by LittleScholars View Post
Looking at the regulations I think it is fine, especially since they are perfect splits on the seams (once they get gross they are GONE).

Do you have mats that you're finding more durable? I have found these so comfortable, but it is super odd that all of a sudden almost all are splitting. I can't deal with a shelf life of 2 years.
I've always just bought the kindergarten nap mats that are on sale in the Back to School section at Target/Walmart and haven't had any issues with them. But I also don't allow the kids to take them out, fold or unfold nor put away. I do all that myself so that they are folded correctly and not damaged.

Like Cat Herder, I have a nap time "picker" right now and it's alot of work to supervise but I am NOT spending more $ on something that doesn't have to be destroyed...

When I am inspected, they look for tape or repairs and recommend replacing if repaired because access to the foam inside is dangerous and if I put tape on them, the tape becomes a danger too...

I have considered requiring a nap mat (on parent's dime) upon enrollment but just haven't gone there yet. My nap picker might push me soon though.
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