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In your state standards it appears that they had mentioned that you could but struck it from the guidelines in section 5101:2-16-07:

(B) Develop and maintain an ongoing child care provider recruitment and retention program. Recruit individuals and groups interested in certification as in-home aides or in developing and operating suitable licensed child care centers, licensed type A family child care homes, or certified type B family child care homes, especially in areas with high concentrations of Ohio works first (OWF) participants. The CDJFS shall provide consultation to interested individuals and groups. The CDJFS shall develop and implement procedures for the recruitment of an adequate number of licensed child care centers, licensed type A homes, certified type B homes and certified in-home aides to meet the need for publicly funded child care services in the county.

The procedures may include newspaper, television and radio advertising, use of posters and flyers, and other contacts with community groups. The CDJFS may use applicants referred by a caretaker including relatives of the children served.

Not sure why they struck this. I will see if there is a more up to date reference.
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