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Originally Posted by EntropyControlSpecialist View Post
I have Celiacs.

If they are providing meals that will greatly simplify your life. I think I've read before that you use disposable cups and plates??? If so, that will also greatly simplify your life because ANY plastic plate/cup that has had anything containing gluten in it is considered contaminated even if it has gone through the dishwasher. Any serving utensils will need to be metal that you use (whether it's to scoop their food out of something or for them to eat off of).

There's also various things that have gluten in them that you don't even think about. Play-Doh is the first thing at the top of my mind when it comes to daycare.
Yes, I use disposable plates and cups so that part won't be an issue.

From what little info I have as of right now, it sounds as if it isn't super serious so that is good.

I will definitely be prepared though with lots of questions for this family!

The play-doh thing won't really be an issue as actual Play-doh brand stuff makes my DH gag so we rarely use anything other than modeling clay.

I have made home made play dough recipe's before but I wonder if I could use gluten free flour instead?...Do they even make that?

What do YOU use in your program?
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