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Originally Posted by daycarediva View Post
I agree with this. I don't refute a dr's diagnosis, but I do NOT allow a doctor to dictate when/if a child can be in care. I exclude for symptoms, and not diagnosis.

I would need more details to know her train of thought and give further advice, but I suspect that's what is happening. Child is unable to participate, exceptionally fussy, (even mildly ill children who are not contagious can have great difficulty in group care while feeling poorly.

I had a dr say a child with pink eye could return to care before the prescription was filled. The school district has also lightened up on policies regarding strep, flu, fevers (they allow up to 102 before calling) lice-they allow nits AND active lice, can you imagine having that in daycare!? EEK!

So yes, my policies for small children are much more stringent and symptom, not diagnosis based.
I don't think most people realize that just because a school allows something doesn't mean a daycare provider should. Schoolagers are older and while they do spread illness they are more likely to wash hands, cover coughs, not mouth items etc. than an infant/toddler so they are less likely to spread it. Once that stuff comes into a daycare it's a pretty safe bet that the majority will get it. There's also a good chance the provider will get it and should close because watching children takes a lot of energy and has a lot of liability. You need to be feeling well and have a clear head to react quickly, take care of basic needs and interact.
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