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Kendallina, those are really good suggestions. I will be trying those out! The only thing I'm not sure about is how to stick right with her until she does as she's told. There's only two of us, and we have a pretty rowdy group, so really there's several that needs shadowing some days Anyone, my point is, with just two of us and so much other stuff to take care of with the others how would we shadow the 3 yr old? For example, when we get ready to go outside, one of us takes care of the potty time children, while the other one gets everyone ready to go outside, helping them get their jackets and shoes, watching the others who are ready and now going through destroying the place, etc. So if the person in charge of getting everyone ready to go outside were to sit beside 3 yr old until her shoes were on, the younger ones (who still need help with dressing themselves) would never get their shoes and jacket on and every toy and bucket in the place would be dumped out and scattered everywhere. There's really no specific time that she never listens. It's just whenever she decides not to. Some days she does fine going potty on her own without even being reminded, somedays she does really well going to wash her hands when it's time, etc. But sometimes she gets into her mood and refuses to do anything she's supposed to, or stop anything she's not supposed to be doing.
The potty thing didn't go so well at all today. She gets by with that too much because there's so much stuff that comes up and I forget to make her go in and sit on the potty to "try". I just tell her firmly, but she gets mad and argues, then something comes up so I run to take care of it, and then next thing I know she's wet. Today she even wet her pants because another child was changing clothes because they'd had an accident. But this was a 2 yr old, not a 3 1/2 yr old who is fully potty trained (when she wants to be). But nap time went well. She went to sleep with only one reminder to be quiet, and some other areas of listening worked well today also.
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