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Default Mother Goose Time

Anyone doing Mother Goose Time?

If so how is it going? How are you liking it? Comments etc...

For myself I am liking it a lot so far. It is giving me some great ideas to run with and I love how colorful everything is and am not seeing $ at the thought of copying everything. Saving me time, fun for the kids. I am not finding it to be cookie cutter- but I don't let it get that way myself and am finding it to be full of a balance of open ended and slight non-invasive structure. We are liking it so far. Kids are excited to see what will be next, what will we do. Prep time is wonderful.

Cons- I don't like the price- I do tell myself if I had to run around to collect all those supplies, copies, ink etc... I would probably be saving money. I am being cautious to stay out of the stores and use what I have and not spend a lot of extra money towards my program, use what I have.

First time trying this and am looking to hear how everyone else is doing, both new like me, and seasoned users????
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