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Originally Posted by nanglgrl View Post
I subscribed to 2 months last year and we're reusing a lot of the stuff right now. I found it to be expensive (but you're probably right about saving money in the end). I could justify the expense when I wad full but when I only have 5 enrolled its not worth the cost. For me it also had too many crafts and stuff to do with my younger crowd (2-3 year). With most of the crafts you can just give the kids the supplies a little direction and they can make it themselves but it usually looks nothing like what it's supposed to (which was fine by me). If I tried to fit everything they suggested in a day the kids would have no free play. I wish they had a 2 or 3 day a week curriculum at half the price...then I would buy it again.
I like the part that they give you a ton of options to run with. I can pick and choose what will work for my group. A three day a week curriculum would be ideal, but again if something doesn't work for the day we move onto something else.
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