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My cousin runs a home daycare and she put her child into another daycare for the socialization and to be around older kids when she was around 3.

I would go in to this conference and try to stay level headed and ask your questions calmly. 3 year olds donít always have their stories lined up correctly. I know in my state withholding food is considered child abuse but Iím not sure where the line is on serving some children a treat and not others. Giving cupcakes to some and not others seems cruel if there is no medical reason (allergies).

Iíve seen the wetting on the way to the bathroom many times in a daycare setting. Itís different than at home where she may be busy playing and not realize until itís too late that she has to go. Children do regress sometimes with training of a sudden change occurs, such as starting a new daycare.

Bottom line is if you feel the daycare is unsafe why are you still sending your child there?
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