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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
I ended up speaking to the two of of the teachers. Director was not there at the moment. I asked DCT if my daughter had a cupcake on Friday she said she didn't remember. The other DCT proceeded to inform me that she had offered my daughter a cupcake and she refused. However that doesn't explain why my daughter was told only boys can have cupcakes. She continued on saying how my daughter always switches her story. Either way I feel suspicious and i shouldn't have to feel this way. So if I'm wrong I'm wrong and willing to apologise. I'm making sure to stop by at random times to make sure.
Didnít you say you walked in and all the other children were eating cupcakes except your daughter? Is she the only girl in the classroom? At 3 they do always switch their stories, it just comes with the age. If youíre that suspicious that you are suspecting mistreatment why send her back at all?
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