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Originally Posted by nannyde View Post
Your daughter isn't a good historian or she wouldn't have said only boys had cupcakes when you saw that the girls had them too.

I will NEVER understand why a parent would bring their child to a daycare they didn't trust and fear for their child. You have the ability to pay them for this month but just keep her home. You have a home child care and for some reason you have chosen to have her cared for by others. You have the option to just keep her with you.

Pay them their required notice and find somewhere else where you don't fear for her life.

It's not a tough one.

Also you don't trust them over thinking your daughter didn't get a cupcake? I have kids refuse all types of stuff here. I am not taking up for them but you either trust them or you don't. I would never leave my child somewhere I didn't feel was safe.
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