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If a child does not eat the regular snack first here, I will not give them a sugar-filled treat on an empty stomach. I will pack it up to eat at home, though.

As many posters have said, your daughter said only boys got cupcakes but yet you saw boys and girls with cupcakes. You seem to still believe what your daughter said, despite your own observation to the contrary?

The teacher says she was offered one and refused. I have had many kids do that and then change their tune when the parent showed up. My own daughter is famous for that. You said she only got sad/upset after you asked her about it. Sounds like she started regretting her decision, then made up a story that made it someone else's fault.

As far as her sleeping off to herself, the goal of rest time is that they rest - something I'm sure you know as a provider. Some kids can rest in a large group, some others need to be off to themselves.

I think maybe you should stop expecting your daughter's daycare to be run like you run yours - it will not be and you will constantly be running into issues. I sent my daughter to public preschool after 4 years of being at the one I work at - it took me three months of taking issue with every little thing to understand that.

But of course, if you feel uneasy about leaving your daughter there, don't. Im assuming your daughter CAN be with you until you find one that is a good fit, so it's pretty simple.
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