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Fruit/yogurt/milk smoothies work great for some kids with a straw cup, but apart fAfter trying different things, I just do non-messy, finger food. I only let the less messy kids have liquidy food like yogurt and then only if it works for the whole group who is there at the time. Sometimes I wonder if I'm doing the right thing, but I hate having to clean up sloppy mess, and then it also means giving younger kids something different.
So here we do a lot of crackers/dry cereal, cheese/ham/eggs, and chopped fruit and I give the kids forks and spoons if they're two-ish or older.
I think I must be a bit on the strict side. If they even get weird with crackers, I tell them they have to have cheerios instead if they start making tons of crumbs by playing with their crackers by gnawing or anything.
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