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Originally Posted by JustAMom View Post
I agree with notifying the other parents. Personally, if I were the parent of the 2-month-old, it would make me think about moving my child to a different daycare if the unvaccinated child were accepted. Sure, it may not have any affect on the older children who have received their vaccinations, but as you said, the 2-month-old is not fully vaccinated yet. In addition to pertussis, there have been measles outbreaks in some states over the past couple of years.
The 2 month old can pick up a virus that is shed from a child who recently received their vaccinations just as easily as getting something from a non-vaccinated child. If I remember correctly, the ones getting the vaccinations are more likely to "spread" the illness/disease.

A 2 month old is vulerable regardless.

I also think that there are laws in each state about whether or not parents need to be informed or a non-vaccinated child in attendance.

Check your specific area's laws before announcing to other parents and causing unnecessary panic.

After all, how many of your children's schools send you notices that unvaccinated children are in attendance?
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