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Default 8 Months Old Not Eating Baby Food - Should I Request Doctor's Notice?

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I have an over 8 months old baby that is not yet on a regular feeding routine of formula and baby food; Mom insist on making her own food, but she forgets, or she doesn't have time, so the baby is eating baby food for a couple of days and then just formula for two weeks, or until she makes a new batch of food. This has been going on since the baby turned 6 months and was given the ok by the doctor to start baby food, so is not a personal parent's decision of delaying introducing the new diet.

I know that some parents starts later with the baby food, but I don't think this is the case, is more of a "oh I forgot to make it" kind of thing, and I'm afraid that months will go by without changes. The baby is having an hard time getting used to new feeling of swallowing a different kind of food, and just gags and spits everything out those random days I am provided with baby food?

what would you do? I offered to supply the food for an extra charge, if the dcm doesn't have time to make it on a regular basis, but I haven't got a yes or not answer...

Should I request a note from the doctor that says why she doesn't have to be on a regular feeding routine?

This baby is also very tiny for her age, but not concerns have been brought up so far regarding her weight and age...

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