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I do respect that each parent differs in their belief on spanking children. I do not spank my child and do not think that his behavior differs greatly from any of his 23 other classmates. (4yo) I know of children that are spanked and quite frankly I see them act out more than my own child. Using logic, if we teach our kids that spanking is necessary to control a situation (actually, control a person), then are we not indirectly teaching our children that hitting gets results? I was spanked as a child. It did nothing for me other than make me angry at my parents for the moment. I did not learn from the spankings but I did stop whatever the behavior was my parents intended to stop....for the time being. Doesn't mean that I didn't do whatever it was again even an hour later. What I did learn from was when my parents stopped spanking me and started talking to me around 10ish yo and I could understand the disappointment I caused them. It wasn't until then that I truly began to consider my actions before doing them. My best friend was spanked until he was a teenager and began fighting back which caused Dad to back down. My friend is a father now and will not allow his son to have anything to do with his dad due to the fear that his dad will spank his child or discipline him in a manner he disagrees with. Just food for thought....not trying to create a debate or argument on the rights/wrongs of spanking.

But clearly the child heard you spank or swat (whatever you choose to call it) your child or heard you threatening to spank/swat your child. How else would he have an undisputed occurance that you admit to report back to mom? I know I wasn't in your home during the situation but I do have to side with the mom in that she should have known at time of enrollment that you spank your children during daycare hours and that she needed to know things of that nature could occur around her children. I also agree with a PP in that if licensing does not allow corporal punishment that you should not engage in that during daycare hours even if it is your own child.

Another item to consider--people speak of having respect for those with differing parenting styles but OP stated that dck's are uncontrollable because their parents do not discipline them (judgmental and not respectful of the parents' choices). I urge everyone that does not have grown children to consider that the effects of your parenting styles have yet to be determined....including myself.
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