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Originally Posted by momofsix View Post
OK i'll bite on this one
why would I choose to spank my child when I can find another option for a daycare child-why wouldn't I use that same option for my own child--this is the question, correct?
1. just because something "works" temporarily for a dck, doesn't mean it actually is going to stop any behaviors permanently. ie. distracting a child does nothing to teach him his behavior is wrong-yet it's one of the "experts" favorite tools
2. I am responsible to God and to society (now and in the future) for the behavior of MY children, not the daycare children I have for a short time.
3. I am responsable for providing an environment for dcks that is a different environment from the one I need to provide for my own children in many ways, discipline being only one.
4 My children are my LIFE -although I love my dcks to bits, they are not the same as my own, and I don't think anyone other than a parent should spank a child-the relationship is not the same and the love that is involved in a spankng done correctly would not be there for a child that is not your own
I'm sure if I took the time, i could answer this better, but this is what i've come up with off the top of my head. I hope this explains it for you
(also remember that just because this is true for me, doesn't mean it's true for everyone that believes in the value of spanking)
This was a great answer momofsix.
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