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mac60 05:59 PM 08-17-2009
Do you find that your parents STILL send their child to a "real preschool"? I offer a preschool program for the 3 to 5 yr olds in my care. In my 10 years, all my dc kids have passed their kindergarten screening, hence what I am doing is obviously the right thing. I have on occassion had the family that still sent their child to a "real preschool", like what I do and offer isn't "real". It is frustrating to me, as it is a disruption of my day, getting picked up and dropped off, throws off my lunch times, and I am constantly having to "work around" the child's schedule with my own program. I don't get it. They are getting a "free" program here included with their dc fee, yet they choose to spend approx $200 per 10 weeks for what we refer to as "real preschool". I often wonder if it is just the "image" thing or what, as their reasoning for sending them. Really, just how much time is really spent at "real preschool", arrive at 9:30, settle in and get started by 9:45, get ready to go at 11:15, dismiss at 11:30, hmm, a whole 1 1/2 hours two times per week. Sometimes I wonder why I bother to do all the extras as a provider, parents don't appreciate it.